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Businesses in Bloom is a podcast where Juliet Austin from interviews therapists, holistic practitioners, wellness and natural health businesses on their journeys of success. These compelling stories are meant to inspire psychotherapists and health businesses in achieving greater success in their therapy private practice or wellness business. Check out all the episodes with show notes at:
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Dec 28, 2016

Jodie Gale is a Soul-Centered Psychotherapist and Eating Psychology Specialist who lives in Sydney, Australia. In this interview she talks about her own experiences in psychotherapy, which led her to return to school to become a therapist. She’s had successful practices in the UK and Australia, and currently has a long client waiting list in Sydney. Jodie also discusses her business practices and how she splits her time as a therapist, blogger, and full-time mum. To get the show notes for this episode go to

Dec 21, 2016

Dr. Jenny Brockis is a healthy brain advocate based out of Perth, Australia. After careers as both a nurse and a general medical practitioner, she began her own business mentoring, public speaking, hosting workshops, and writing. Her focus is neural health and cognitive behavior. In this interview Jenny discusses why she left her medical practice to go it alone, why she’s fascinated by the human mind and its interactions, and how she has built up her new business. To get the show notes for this episode go to

Dec 14, 2016

Andrea Brandt is a psychotherapist based out of Santa Monica, CA. She has over 35 years of professional experience, has written several books, and travels the US leading training sessions for other therapists. In this episode of Businesses in Bloom, Andrea discusses how the therapy profession has changed throughout her career, and how she came to specialize in anger and passive-aggressiveness. To get the show notes for this episode to

Dec 7, 2016

Based in Ohio, therapist Jamie Marich discusses the path that brought her to therapy and how she developed “Dancing Mindfulness,” a modality that incorporates movement and mindfulness. Jamie also specializes in EMDR. Besides seeing patients in her private practice, Jamie travels globally to lead certification trainings. She is also the author of several books on EMDR and one she wrote on Dancing Mindfulness. To get the show notes for this episode, you can go to

Nov 30, 2016

Barbara Whitfield is a psychotherapist, writer, and medical marijuana activist. In this episode, she discusses the injury, near death experience, and long recovery that brought her to the therapeutic profession. She talks about writing ten books and working with her husband, Charles Whitfield, also a therapist. To get the show notes for this show go to

Nov 23, 2016

Amy Lewis Bear is a therapist who specializes in emotionally abusive relationships. Based in Atlanta, GA, she has a private practice, both in house and via tele-therapy. In this interview, she talks about writing and promoting her book, “From Charm to Harm,” and on working in a highly specialized therapeutic niche. To get the show notes for this show go to

Nov 16, 2016

Wendy Behary is a psychotherapist based in New Jersey. She works primarily with narcissists, using Schema Therapy. In this interview, Wendy discusses how she became involved with Schema Therapy and how she built a successful private practice. She talks about her books and international teaching engagements. To get the show notes for this show go to

Nov 9, 2016

Dr. Mari Swingle is a neurotherapist and behavioral specialist who lives and works in Vancouver, BC. In this interview, Mari talks about her method of neural treatment, which uses EEG technology to diagnose and work with mental illness, stroke, and other physiological disorders. She discusses building a busy clinic with her father, and the speed of technological change in her field. To get the show notes for this show go to

Nov 2, 2016

Mary Wong is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner based in Toronto, Canada. She owns a private practice of ALIVE Holistic Health Clinic, and has recently published a book. In this interview, Mary explains how she came to become a Chinese Medicine practitioner, how she built up her business, and some of the challenges of introducing eastern medicine to western health care professionals. To get the show notes for this show go to

Oct 20, 2016

Dr. Trevor Cates is a naturopathic physician living in Park City, Utah. In this episode of Businesses in Bloom, Trevor explains how she came to study naturopathy through her childhood health concerns and the holistic treatment she received. She discusses becoming Dr. Spa and running a private practice while writing a book, marketing her own skin care products To get the show notes for this episode go to

Oct 17, 2016

Amy Weintraub is a yogini based in Tucson, Arizona. She’s the founder of the LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute and the author of several books including, Yoga Skills for Therapists: Effective Practices for Mood Management and Yoga for Depression: A Compassionate Guide to Relieving Suffering Through Yoga. In this episode of Businesses in Bloom, Amy discusses how she became a yoga instructor, and from there, a trainer and educator around yoga’s benefits to the mind and body, specifically using yoga as a way to help with depression.To get the show notes for this episode go to

Oct 9, 2016

Dr. Michael Stein is a cognitive behavioral therapist who specializes in exposure therapy for anxiety disorders. In this interview, he talks about building a busy private practice in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Stein explains the modality of exposure therapy, which he says is not well understood in the wider therapeutic community. To get the show notes for this show go to

Oct 5, 2016

Dr. Christina Hibbert is a practicing psychologist, author, Internet radio show host, and mother of six. In this interview, Christina explains how she came to practice grief and loss counseling, through her own experiences with death and depression. She discusses how she balances her private practice, writing (blogs and books), family life, and public speaking engagements. Christina has become the authority on post-partum depression and other women’s mental health concerns in the greater Flagstaff, AZ area. To get the show notes for this show go to

Oct 5, 2016

Dr. Jill Stansbury is a naturopath and ethnobotanist, living in Battle Ground, WA. In this episode, she discusses her career as a naturopath, and her private clinic and apothecary. Jill talks about public speaking, traveling to South America on research field trips, and building her business through community engagement. To get the show notes for this episode, go to

Sep 25, 2016

Robin Shapiro has 35 years of experience as a psychotherapist and social worker, specializing in trauma therapy. In this interview, she discusses how she came to the profession, the various trauma therapy technologies she uses with clients, and how the profession has changed during her career. Robin lives in Seattle, Washington, and has written two books and edited and contributed to two others. To get the show notes for this episode, go to

Sep 22, 2016

Laurie started in the field of social work 27 years ago then went back to psychology and graduated as a doctorate in psychology. In between those times, she took training for sexual therapy which she loves talking about and realized that it’s easy for her to deal with it so that’s why she specialized on it. And now Laurie is a successful business woman having clinics and staffs working for her. Let’s hear from her exciting story on how she got into this business and became successful on her practice. To get the show notes for this episode, go to

Sep 22, 2016

Dr. Leslie Korn has an international naturopathic practice. In this interview, she discusses how she came to the field of natural healing, through her own illness and healing in Mexico in the 1970s. She returned to the US for several graduate degrees in health and wellness, and then began to split her time between the US and Mexico. Leslie explains how she has been able to travel, teach, and write while keeping a private practice and a pro-bono clinic in rural Mexico. To get the show notes for this episode, go to

Sep 22, 2016

Lawrence Mitchell is a health coach who runs his own business, bringing wellness programs to stressful corporate offices in the UK. In this interview, he discusses how he came to the wellness industry, built up his business, and how to de-stress a corporate exec. Lawrence explains his philosophy around health and wellness, and offers advice to folks starting a new business. To get the show notes for this episode, go to

Sep 13, 2016

Parijat Deshpande is a perinatal wellness expert, counseling women through high-risk pregnancies. In this interview Parijat explains how she came to this work; after her own high-risk pregnancy (which kept her bed-ridden for weeks) and the very premature birth of her son, Parijat started a new business, dedicated to helping women and their partners navigate high-risk, high-stress pregnancies.

Parijat talks about the difficulties of switching niches—in her case, her career stopped with her pregnancy—and the lack of information readily available on high-risk pregnancies. She explains how she’s grown her business, and what technologies have helped this process. To get the show notes for this episode, go to

Sep 13, 2016

Dr. Chris Bjorndal is a naturopath who treats patients through orthomolecular psychiatry paired with mindfulness training and other mental health counseling modalities. In the following interview, she discusses her own diagnosis of bipolar disorder, and how Western medicine failed to treat her. After a suicide attempt left her in a coma, Chris decided to look elsewhere for treatment and found an orthomolecular psychiatrist.

Eventually, Chris went back to school for naturopathy and began a practice with her husband. Chris talks about building her practice in Edmonton, Alberta, through patient referrals, professional networking, social media, and print and online writing. Dr. Bjorndal also shares some of the challenges of being a naturopath in a society where convenience and pharmacology are cultural standards. To get the show notes for this episode go to

Sep 13, 2016

Robert (Bob) Taibbi is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and author from Charlottesville, Virginia, with 42 years of experience, primarily in community mental health. In this interview, Bob tells how he successfully transitioned from community mental health to private practice work. He provides advice on how to set up a private practice, including the importance of finding a niche as a therapist and having a clear web presence that emphasizes your strengths and style of work, so clients know what to expect. He shows how having multiple sources of income helped facilitate his transition to private practice work, while also strengthening his career. Bob also shares his checklist for a successful first session, which is crucial to helping and keeping clients. To get the show notes for this episode to go

Aug 25, 2016

Pam Dyson is a play therapist who was once an early childhood educator. In this interview, she describes her play therapy practice and the consultations and trainings she gives to other therapists. She shares the challenges she had in building a successful practice in St. Louis and then having to do it all over again when she moved to Plano, Texas. Pam is a great example of someone who has achieved success by working hard, being strategic in her marketing, and having multiple revenue sources. To get the show notes for this episode, go to

Aug 12, 2016

Yolanda von Hockauf is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist in Vancouver, BC. She has built a child, couple and family therapy clinic called the Vancouver Couple and Family Therapy Institute (VCFI) with her business partner, Dr. Veronica Kallos-Lilly. In the interview, Yolanda describes how they built this clinic with 10 associates.

Yolanda was a therapist in Dr. Sue Johnson's (developer of Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)) first research study of couples therapy in the 1980's. She has been practicing EFT since the early days. Yolanda and Veronica were also early trainers in EFT. VCFI offers workshops in the EFT model for couples. Yolanda and Veronica also train therapists in EFT in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.


To get the show notes for this episode go to

Aug 12, 2016

Dr. Jonathan Prousky is a naturopathic doctor in Toront0, Canada whose passion is helping people with mental health issues. He utilizes a range of natural treatments to help his clients. Dr. Prousky's philosophy is that his patients need to take an active role in their health as opposed to being passive and expecting a pill to fix their problems. He has built his practice primarily by speaking and writing. Dr. Prousky has also recently completed a Masters degree in counselling. He will soon be offering counselling services as well as naturopathic services. To get the show notes for this episode to to

Jul 22, 2016

John Sovec is a psychotherapist who works with LGBT teens and their parents, particularly in the coming out process. John shares that he chose this niche because he saw a need. He discusses the issues LGBT teens face and how he built and sustains his private practice without taking insurance. Listen to this interview to hear more of his inspiring journey as well as his business strategy. To get the show notes for this show go to

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