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Businesses in Bloom is a podcast where Juliet Austin from interviews therapists, holistic practitioners, wellness and natural health businesses on their journeys of success. These compelling stories are meant to inspire psychotherapists and health businesses in achieving greater success in their therapy private practice or wellness business. Check out all the episodes with show notes at:
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Jun 19, 2017

Dr. Candida Fink is a psychiatrist and author living in New Rochelle, NY. She’s built a busy private practice (primarily around child psychiatry and bipolar disorder), has written two books, and blogs at Psych Central. In this interview Candida talks why she became a psychiatrist, her advocacy work for children and families, and some recent changes in her field. You can get the show notes for this episode at

May 25, 2017

Gabe Howard is a writer, speaker, and mental health activist based out of Columbus, Ohio. In this interview Gabe speaks about his own mental illness and how it was diagnosed in the emergency room. He talks about his recovery, his career as a writer and speaker, and how he balances his time as both an advocate and a business owner. To get the show notes for this episode, you can go to

May 18, 2017

Charlie and Linda Bloom teach couples therapy classes together, using their long marriage and work relationship as both support and material for their classes. Charlie and Linda are both psychotherapists, based out of Santa Cruz, California. In this interview, the Blooms talk about working together, authenticity in relationship, and building a successful therapeutic business in a competitive market. To get the show notes for this episode, you can go to

May 17, 2017

Sharon Martin is a licensed clinical social worker with a private psychotherapy practice in San Jose, California. She also writes, speaks, and contributes to the media on topics related to emotional health and relationships. In this interview Sharon talks about becoming a licensed social worker, keeping up a busy blog, and writing and marketing her eBooks. To get the show notes for this episode, you can go to

May 10, 2017


Clinton Power is a relationship therapist based out of Sydney, Australia. He currently runs a private practice with two associates, focused on couples’ therapy. Clinton is also the founder of the online directory Australia Counselling, and co leads the Mind Body Training Institute with Juliet Austin. In this interview, Clinton discusses his life before becoming a therapist and how he has grown and maintained a successful private practice. To get the show notes for this episode, you can go to

Apr 29, 2017

Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen is a therapist and founder of several therapy and training businesses. From her home in Baja, California, Rebecca sees intensive clients over several-day sessions and leads online trainings and supervisions for other therapists, utilizing the EFT method (emotionally focused therapy). In this interview, Rebecca talks about how she has grown her practice and online business, and offers insights to new therapists. To get the show notes for this episode, you can go to

Apr 29, 2017

Dr. Arielle Schwartz is a psychologist based in Boulder, Colorado who specializes in EMDR and somatic therapy. She runs a busy private practice, keeps up a blog, teaches yoga, and has published a book on complex trauma. In this interview Arielle discusses how she built up her practice, how she balances her time, and her use of social media to advertise. To get the show notes for this episode, you can go to

Apr 29, 2017

Dr. Robert Puff is a clinical psychologist based out of Orange County, California. He’s the author of 13 books and the host of The Happiness Podcast, a highly ranked self-help podcast. In this interview, Robert discusses how he built a successful practice in one of the wealthiest counties in the US, his strategies for staying passionate about his work, and how he has adapted his business model across a thirty-year career. To get the show notes for this episode, you can go to

Mar 27, 2017

Melissa Ferrari is a couples’ therapist based out of Sydney, Australia. She runs a busy practice, holds weekend intensive sessions, hosts a radio show, and keeps up a popular Facebook page. In this interview, Melissa discusses how she became a psychotherapist, her approaches to marketing and social media, and how she balances her working life with her personal life. To get the show notes for this episode, you can go to

Mar 23, 2017

Dr. David Grand is a psychotherapist and author based out of New York City. He developed brainspotting therapy and has built an organization dedicated to teaching this technique to other therapists and clients. In this interview, David talks about his business ethos, his private practice, and how the Brainspotting method has changed over the past decade. To get the show notes for this episode, you can go to

Feb 23, 2017

David Emerson is a yoga instructor and former social worker based out Brookline, Massachusetts. He is the founder and director of Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute in Brookline Massachusetts, and teaches yoga to traumatized youth twice a week. In this interview, David talks about his work at the Trauma Center, the science behind yoga and trauma recovery, and the invitational style of trauma-sensitive yoga that he’s helped to create. To get the show notes for this episode, you can go to

Feb 9, 2017

Dr. Jonice Webb is a clinical psychologist and writer living in Lexington, Massachusetts. She’s one of the few psychologists who concentrates on emotional neglect in childhood. In this interview Jonice talks about building her private practice, blogging weekly at Psych Central, writing books, and leading online recovery courses. To get the show notes for this episode, you can go to

Jan 29, 2017

Donald Altman is an international mindfulness trainer and speaker and a best-selling author. He’s also been a comic book writer, a psychotherapist, and a Buddhist monk. In this interview, Donald talks about writing, leading mindfulness workshops, and building a private practice. He offers tips on writing, publishing, and balancing a workload. To get the show notes for this episode, you can go to

Jan 19, 2017

Dr. Stephanie Moulton Sarkis is a counselor, family mediator, and writer based out of Tampa, FL. In this interview she discusses her area of specialization, ADHD, and how she has built a successful practice around it. Stephanie offers tips on writing, networking, and maintaining a work-life balance. To get the show notes for this episode, you can go to

Jan 12, 2017

Sarah Plummer Taylor is a counselor, yoga instructor, life coach, and ex-marine. In this interview Sarah discusses how she went from marine to yoga instructor and how she built up a successful practice based out of her home in Denver. She also talks about writing a book on resiliency using both research and personal narrative from her deployments to Iraq. To get the show notes for this episode, you can go to

Jan 4, 2017

Dr. Stan Tatkin is a psychotherapist who works with couples. He and his wife founded the PACT Institute (Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy) which treats couples and trains other therapists in their active, psychobiological approach to conflict resolution. Dr. Tatkin also leads couples’ retreats, teaches at a CA state university, writes books, and speaks at conferences. In this episode of Businesses in Bloom, Stan explains how he came to be fascinated by couples therapy, and how he’s built a successful career around it. To get the show notes for this episode, you can go to

Dec 28, 2016

Jodie Gale is a Soul-Centered Psychotherapist and Eating Psychology Specialist who lives in Sydney, Australia. In this interview she talks about her own experiences in psychotherapy, which led her to return to school to become a therapist. She’s had successful practices in the UK and Australia, and currently has a long client waiting list in Sydney. Jodie also discusses her business practices and how she splits her time as a therapist, blogger, and full-time mum. To get the show notes for this episode go to

Dec 21, 2016

Dr. Jenny Brockis is a healthy brain advocate based out of Perth, Australia. After careers as both a nurse and a general medical practitioner, she began her own business mentoring, public speaking, hosting workshops, and writing. Her focus is neural health and cognitive behavior. In this interview Jenny discusses why she left her medical practice to go it alone, why she’s fascinated by the human mind and its interactions, and how she has built up her new business. To get the show notes for this episode go to

Dec 14, 2016

Andrea Brandt is a psychotherapist based out of Santa Monica, CA. She has over 35 years of professional experience, has written several books, and travels the US leading training sessions for other therapists. In this episode of Businesses in Bloom, Andrea discusses how the therapy profession has changed throughout her career, and how she came to specialize in anger and passive-aggressiveness. To get the show notes for this episode to

Dec 7, 2016

Based in Ohio, therapist Jamie Marich discusses the path that brought her to therapy and how she developed “Dancing Mindfulness,” a modality that incorporates movement and mindfulness. Jamie also specializes in EMDR. Besides seeing patients in her private practice, Jamie travels globally to lead certification trainings. She is also the author of several books on EMDR and one she wrote on Dancing Mindfulness. To get the show notes for this episode, you can go to

Nov 30, 2016

Barbara Whitfield is a psychotherapist, writer, and medical marijuana activist. In this episode, she discusses the injury, near death experience, and long recovery that brought her to the therapeutic profession. She talks about writing ten books and working with her husband, Charles Whitfield, also a therapist. To get the show notes for this show go to

Nov 23, 2016

Amy Lewis Bear is a therapist who specializes in emotionally abusive relationships. Based in Atlanta, GA, she has a private practice, both in house and via tele-therapy. In this interview, she talks about writing and promoting her book, “From Charm to Harm,” and on working in a highly specialized therapeutic niche. To get the show notes for this show go to

Nov 16, 2016

Wendy Behary is a psychotherapist based in New Jersey. She works primarily with narcissists, using Schema Therapy. In this interview, Wendy discusses how she became involved with Schema Therapy and how she built a successful private practice. She talks about her books and international teaching engagements. To get the show notes for this show go to

Nov 9, 2016

Dr. Mari Swingle is a neurotherapist and behavioral specialist who lives and works in Vancouver, BC. In this interview, Mari talks about her method of neural treatment, which uses EEG technology to diagnose and work with mental illness, stroke, and other physiological disorders. She discusses building a busy clinic with her father, and the speed of technological change in her field. To get the show notes for this show go to

Nov 2, 2016

Mary Wong is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner based in Toronto, Canada. She owns a private practice of ALIVE Holistic Health Clinic, and has recently published a book. In this interview, Mary explains how she came to become a Chinese Medicine practitioner, how she built up her business, and some of the challenges of introducing eastern medicine to western health care professionals. To get the show notes for this show go to

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