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Businesses in Bloom is a podcast where Juliet Austin from interviews therapists, holistic practitioners, wellness and natural health businesses on their journeys of success. These compelling stories are meant to inspire psychotherapists and health businesses in achieving greater success in their therapy private practice or wellness business. Check out all the episodes with show notes at:
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Jun 14, 2016

Dr. Ellyn Bader has been practicing couples therapy for over 30 years. In this interview, she describes the evolution of her work as a couples therapist. She also discusses how she and her therapist husband, Dr. Peter Pearson, founded the Couples Institute and the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy. Dr. Bader discusses the challenges and rewards of building a private practice with associates as well as her online training programs for therapists. To get the show notes for this episode go to:

Jun 1, 2016

This interview is with naturopathic doctor and psychotherapist, Dr. Ameet Aggarwal who has a private practice in Kenya, Africa. In his practice, he uses natural medicines to help heal his patients' emotional issues. He also runs mobile clinics in rural communities in Kenya providing basic medicines to those who are physically ill. To get the show notes for this episode go to

May 25, 2016

Dr. Vanessa Lapointe story of building her private therapy practice with 10 associates is a textbook example of how to build a business. She knew from the beginning that she did not have business and marketing skills and therefore hired a business coach to help her start off with a strong foundation with a clear message. From there, she started offering workshops to organizations and built strong relationships with other professionals in her community.

Dr. Lapointe offers 80 workshops a year and one of her therapists now works as a community manager maintaining relationships with referral sources. If you want to know how to build a business do exactly what she has done - have a "dogged determination" and genuinely build strong relationships with others. To get the show notes for this episode to go

May 18, 2016

Dr. Joe Kort works with clients who have a wide range of sexual issues - sexuality issues for straight, gay, and lesbian people, sexual abuse, out of control sexual behaviors, fetishes, kinks, sexual dysfunctions, issues around the use of pornography, etc. His clients are primarily men and couples, but he also works with women helping them understand their male partners.

Dr. Kort has a unique perspective on out of control sexual behaviors and does not use the term "sexual addiction" because he finds it to be "sex negative" and pathologizing. Instead, he focuses on the sexual health of his clients helping them understand their relationship to their sexual behavior.

Dr. Kort also trains therapists in working with clients around issues sexuality and offers groups on sexuality and relationship success for the public. He has several associates in his practice and is the author of several books.

You can get the show notes for this episode at

May 11, 2016

In this interview, Alison Crowley talks about being a dancer and an actress.  Due to a series of injuries she eventually discovered yoga as a way to help her heal.  She eventually completed several yoga and yoga therapy trainings.

Alison has been able to convince several hospitals in Los Angeles to offer yoga classes for women cancer survivors. She also sees clients privately for yoga therapy. Alison talks about how important these yoga classes are for the women and how they facilitate a strong sense of community.  Alison’s business goes to show how you can be a trail blazer and be successful at a business that is desperately needed, but no one else is doing. I hope you are as inspired by Alison’s work as I am. To get the show notes for this show go to

May 4, 2016

Dr. Jacqueline Peters combines her experience and training as anexecutive, team and relationship coach into a model for creatingpositive relationships in her book, “High PerformanceRelationships”. In the interview she talks about the similaritiesbetween healthy relationships in the workplace and in couples. Shehas a variety of experiences that she has brought together to formher model of high performance relationships presented in her book.To get the show notes for this show go to

Apr 27, 2016

Sue Diamond Potts is a couples therapist in Vancouver, BC. She focuses on seeing clients who have suffered trauma and addiction. Sue talked about coming from a violent and alcoholic family, which led to her developing an addiction. Sue has been in recovery for over 30 years now and is passionate about her work with couples. Sue has taken on several associates, and teaches and supervises therapists in couples therapy using the Developmental Model. She is also in the process of writing a book about her work. To get the show notes for this show go to

Apr 20, 2016

Dr. Laurie Hollmanis a Psychoanalyst and Author in New York. In the interview, she talked about the importance of being a mother and a Psychoanalyst for over 30 years. Balancing both of these roles are the reasons she focuses on working with people across the lifespan - from infants to adults.

After 30 years, Dr. Hollman is well-known in her area and therefore has a consistent stream of referrals from doctors, pediatricians, and other colleagues. We discussed how she reached out to these referral sources initially by sending them papers describing the various problems and advising them how to make a referral to her. She attributes her success to being an optimist and a hard worker. To get the show notes for this show go to

Apr 14, 2016

One could say that therapist, Courtney Armstrong, became an accidental author and speaker. In this interview, Courtney shares how she didn’t plan for these things, but when the opportunities arose, she grabbed them. She explains how her business has evolved for her and the challenges inherent in finding the balance between work and leisure time when you are a therapist, author, and public speaker. To get the show notes for this episode go to:

Apr 7, 2016

Dr. George Baxter-Holder has battled drug addiction, a criminal conviction, obesity, the IRS, and a Mexican drug cartel. After being released from prison, he committed fully to his recovery and found his passion in nursing. He then completed a Ph.D. and wrote a book about his experience. An inspiring story that I am sure you will enjoy. To get the show notes for this episode go to

Mar 31, 2016

Retired therapist, Christy Monson, had a successful counseling practice in Las Vegas, Nevada as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Since her retirement, Christy has built a business writing books - both fiction and non-fiction. Christy talked about her passion for writing and described her writing process.To get the show notes for this show go to

Mar 24, 2016

Hilary has a local therapy practice In Denver, Colorado focused on relationship therapy. She shared that she has one associate therapist who also sees clients. Hilary also talked about her online work coaching and mentoring clients from other areas of the USA. She has had great success using Periscope to expand her business and talks about having interesting titles for her Periscope broadcasts, which increases attendance. Hilary shares that she is currently developing an online program on relationships and mentions that this is a costly and time-consuming process. To get the show notes for this episode go to

Mar 16, 2016

Naturopathic Doctor, Jillian Finker, wanted to become a medical professional since she was a child due to some medical issues she had that were resolved via natural medicine. She built her naturopathic practice within a few years via referral marketing, speaking, the naturopathic association. Jillian has a full practice with a waiting list and currently does minimal marketing. Get the show notes at

Mar 15, 2016

Tammy has an interesting perspective on couples and sex therapy that she developed after doing a lot of couples therapy training. She felt the couples therapy training she did, did not have an adequate understanding of the nature of sexual relationships in couples.

Tammy talks about her busy life seeing clients as well as writing and speaking. She has built her business through referrals and has gotten a great deal of publicity due to her books.

Tammy says she works a lot and does her writing in the evenings, but that she makes time for and self-care. She also spoke about the importance of having assistants to help her in her business. You can get the show notes for the episode here:

Mar 10, 2016

Kathy started out in an acting career, but after losing her mother at 18 years of age, she was inspired to enter into the healing professions. Kathy’s primary work is as a massage therapist, but she also incorporates hypnotherapy and health consultations into her sessions with clients. In the interview, Kathy also talks about several books she has written and how she speaks at conferences around the USA. You can access the show notes at

Mar 3, 2016

Chloe is a lively young woman who suffered from an eating disorder in her late teens and early adulthood. She describes a critical time, where after being critical of the field of holistic nutrition, she suddenly decided to sign up for a course studying this field. Her work in this field was the beginning of her personal healing journey.

Chloe has had great success with public speaking and using Instagram to build her business. Her loyal following on Instagram has lead to several speaking opportunities. Get the show notes at

Feb 25, 2016

Laurie specializes in child to parent violence. She has set up an arrangement working with her local county in Florida to be the therapist who provides this service. She has also set up a non-profit to help her clients pay for her services. Laurie’s business model, as well as her niche, are unique for a therapist. It shows her creativity in creating the business that she wants. You can get the show notes for this episode at

Feb 25, 2016

LeiLani is truly a giving entrepreneur. She tells her story of how she developed her business after working in the film industry as a makeup artist. Her experience led her to develop her eco and cruelty-free cosmetic business and her volunteer program offering paramedical makeup and tattooing to people who have suffered from medical conditions such as major burns and cancer. Get the show notes at

Feb 18, 2016

Shushann Movsessian's story illustrates the highs and lows of being in business. In spite of achieving early success in her private practice, she describes a low point where she focused a lot on developing retreats for women and neglected her therapy practice. As a result, she lost a lot of clients and had to be very vulnerable as she got help to build things back up again. She learned the hard way to put consistent effort into her practice to keep it going.

On the flip side, Shushann has had tremendous success with her Facebook page. She has over 1.5 million followers and explains how she achieved this. You can get the show notes at

Feb 14, 2016

Jacqueline talks about how she got started working with expats who experienced a lot of stress and anxiety. She saw early on the challenges of not having a niche and, therefore, decided to focus on stress and anxiety. She talked about her 2 websites - one for her therapy practice and another, which is a blog focused on managing stress. She is about to launch an online course on stress through this second website. You can access the show notes for the interview here:



Feb 14, 2016

Kaela talked about building her practice in her 20's and worked very hard to build it in the first 2 years until she had a full caseload. She understood that having two niches - one focused on relationships and one focused on eating disorders would be more challenging than having only one. However, Kaela didn't want to focus solely on an eating disorder niche as she felt that her work would be more balanced if she had two. Kaela talks in detail about how she built her practice, how she surrounded herself with mentors, and didn't always have a balanced life in the early years when she was building her practice.  You can access the show notes for the interview here:

Feb 13, 2016

Women’s Therapist, Esther Kane decided she wanted to be a therapist after seeing psychologists herself as a child. She describes her childhood as being traumatic and shares that she developed an eating disorder in her early years. Esther is a passionate writer and discusses how she has acquired writing gigs for other blogs and magazines. She has written several books as a way to increase her exposure and add a revenue stream to her practice. Esther describes herself as a maverick and talks about how she believes this has helped her attract clients. Access the show notes for the interview here:

Feb 13, 2016

It is obvious that Jessica is passionate about her work when you hear her in this interview. She built her practice quite fast through Facebook and her blog, quickly becoming known for her specialty in homebirths and her advocacy work. She is well-known in the birth community in Vancouver for her advocacy work on women's choices in birth and for the resources she provides on her website. Access the show notes for the interview here:

Feb 13, 2016

Men’s Therapist, Jason Fierstein has a busy therapy practice seeing 30-35 clients per week. After leaving a corporate job, Jason studied to become a therapist and then worked diligently to build a therapy practice seeing men primarily around relationship problems. He has sought advice and invested time and money in educating himself about marketing and it has paid off.  Access the show notes for the interview here:

Feb 13, 2016

Mary Johnston from WaterMatters considers herself a late bloomer because she started her business at the age of 52. In her earlier years she had lacked direction. Mary began her water filtration and health business in her 1 bedroom apartment and worked at a $12/hour job while she built it. Today she runs a retail store in Vancouver and has 3 employees as her business continues to grow. Access the show notes for the interview here:

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